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Hardware Warranty

The Support Service must match the number of years selected in Accidental Damage Service. Please choose matching years of Support Service or None.

3Yr Basic Warranty - Next Business DayIncluded in price
Keyboards & Mice
Keyboards & Mice
Dell Wireless Mouse-WM326
Was £30.19 - Outlet Savings £6.04
+ £24.15
Speakers & Headsets
Speakers & Headsets
Dell Pro Stereo Headset UC350
Was £74.59 - Outlet Savings £14.92
+ £59.67
Dell 2.0 Speaker System - AE215
Was £34.49 - Outlet Savings £6.90
+ £27.59

PowerEdge C6300

PowerEdge C6300No ProcessorNo Operating SystemNo Memory200GB Solid State Drive SATA Mix Use MLC 6Gbps 512n 2.5in Cabled Drive [QTY : 4]480GB Solid State Drive SATA Read Intensive MLC 6Gbps 2.5in Cabled Drive [QTY : 8]No Hard Drive
Outlet Price £2,224.90
Add-Ons £0.00
Total Price £2,224.90
Price Incl. VAT£2,669.88
Price Excl. VAT£2,224.90
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